Sunday, August 1, 2010

A Second Chance At Love -- Part II

The world is made up of two types of people. Those who believe (1) life is 90% of what happens to them and 10% what they do about it or (2) life is 90% what they make of it and 10% what happens to them.

In other words, there are those who let circumstances control them, and those who are in control of those same circumstances.

There is no limitation on how many times one can find love. Self-pity or discouragement over your circumstances might simply be the manifestation of your fear that there is only one "right" person for you and that your chance at love has come and gone. Everyone can "have it all" -- including a new romantic partner, if they are willing to work hard, view life in a positive manner, and recognize that the only limits one has are self-imposed.

If you feeling empty, disillusioned, or hopeless about finding love again, you might believe that something outside of yourself will make you happy, such as a new relationship. There is nothing outside of yourself that will make you happy, for happiness comes from within.

Happiness is also not a destination. Just as when you go on a trip, when you arrive at your destination, you don't stay in one place the whole time. You are in constant motion -- participating in activities, meeting people, sight-seeing. Happiness is simply a way of traveling, and there is never a finite destination. Life is a constant journey, and you should always be moving forward and not get stuck in one place.

If you are unhappy because of where you find yourself, look inside and figure out a way that you can overcome your circumstances. And then make a plan to pro-actively move from that place (it will not happen without your participation!). A good first step could be filling yourself up with the wonder of the world by taking pleasure in the simple (and free) things life has to offer. It could be as easy as taking a hike and recognizing the vastness and beauty of nature as something bigger than you. Let the fresh air blow away any defeatist thinking so that you may see the world with fresh eyes.

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