Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Heed The Messages

It's important to listen to yourself and to others. 
The universe is constantly sending you messages AND
putting opportunities in your path, 
but if you're not paying attention, you will miss them.

1. When dating, although it's simply rude not to respond to someone's inquiries (by phone, text or email), that person is sending you a message nevertheless. If he/she WERE interested, you can be assured that you would get a reply ... probably sooner than later. Heed the message and move on.

2. To find happiness and fulfillment, listen to your inner drumbeat and walk at that pace.

3. Be patient when searching for love. Desperation never catches anything healthy.

4. Life is so much easier when you expend the energy to be "nice" to others vs. letting petty annoyances ruin your day. Listen to billboard message! Say hello first and see what happens.

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