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The following is a sampling of some of my other publications. For a full listing and explanation of each one, please visit my Author Page on by clicking here or click on the individual title below. Make sure to check out the four videos on my Amazon page for helpful information, too.

Books on Finding Love After Loss and Relationships
Love After Loss: Writing The Rest of Your Story
A blueprint on how to use the author's successful method to redesign your life in order to welcome new love after the loss of a partner from death, divorce or break-up.

In Order To Be Terrific, You Need To Be Specific!
In three volumes, receive 135 sound bite sized tips broken down into three sections: how to mend your heart after the demise of a relationship; how to have a successful dating experience; and how to have a successful relationship.
1. How To Heal Your Heart After a Relationship Has Ended
2. How To Date With Success
3. How To Enhance Your Relationship

Understanding Dating and Relationships From A to Z
Concise and easy-to-read. 26 concepts from A to Z to help you understand dating and relationships.

Available Choices for Dating After 35+
This book outlines the categories of people you will meet in the dating world and rates them accordingly, while pointing out the pitfalls of which to be aware. It provides tips on how to move through grief from the loss of a partner from death vs. divorce to suggestions on how to deal with children who won't accept a new partner.

How To Find Your Happily Ever After: What To Do Before & After You Say 'I Do'
When you marry, you hope to lead a fairy tale life and live "happily ever after." The prescription put forth in this book advises that, rather than only looking towards the future to be happy, you can capture your "happily right now" by learning about healthy relationship tenets and putting them into practice.

25 Tips and Thoughts on Relationships
Looking for love in all the wrong ways? Learn how to find love AND keep a relationship vibrant within the pages of this concise and easy-to-read book.

Are you looking for love in all the right ways AND, once you have established a romantic relationship OR if you're in a relationship, do you know the best ways to keep it alive and vibrant? It DOES NOT need to remain a secret, and in this book I share with you how to accomplish this feat. 

A collaborative effort between Melinda Vail, an intuitive therapist, and Ellen Gerst. A simplistic, yet fascinating book, it is an excellent choice for those who are beginning to explore spirituality.

A spirituality primer explaining 26 basic concepts from A to Z.

KISS Principles on Spirituality: 30 Ways to Find Clarity by Keeping It Super Simple
Life can get cluttered and complicated, and sometimes you just can't see what is as plain as the nose on your face. If you're looking for that "ah-ha" moment that allows you to find clarity, focus your thinking and experience a change in perspective, this book is for you.

52 Reasons To Smile
What is about a smile that make a person so attractive to others? It's really a person's calling card, which lets people know whether they should come closer or turn away. The reason for that is because a smile creates a welcoming aura and emanates warmth, while, conversely, a frown conveys a negative-Nelly attitude. Naturally, others like to be around those who emit feelings of positivity. It's certainly more fun and can also help them to feel better about their own situation. In this book, I offer readers one idea for every week of the year to consider and then apply to their lives. At the end of the year, the reader will have experienced a change in perspective, be filled with good cheer and spread this good cheer to others.

Books on Coping with Grief
101 Tips and Thoughts on Coping With Grief
An easy-to-read reference guide filled with tips on coping with the practical, emotional, spiritual and physical aspects of grief. Each tip is short and useful and can be immediately put into action to help the bereaved on his or her grief journey.

Read what Catherine Tidd, of, says about Suddenly Single. 
Ellen Gerst has approached the problem of finding yourself “involuntarily single” in a practical and realistic way.  In her book "Suddenly Single," Gerst gives the reader the tools to look at their new, unexpected life and take manageable steps to help them not only succeed, but thrive. The reader will start the book with a feeling of “what do I do now?” and end it saying, “I can do this!” Gerst has the reader ask themselves questions that will help them to get to know who they are in their “new normal,” which is not only crucial to moving forward in a successful new relationship, it is vital to the grieving process in general. Concise and to the point, with stories from her own life that make it incredibly readable, I would recommend this book to anyone who is looking to move forward and is struggling to figure out how.

Understanding Grief From A to Z
This book presents an alphabet soup of emotions that mourners may experience in response to the loss of their loved one. After each emotion is described, the reader is given an actionable suggestion on how to develop a change in perspective that can help him/her move from the darkness of grief to the light of renewal.

52 Secrets on How You Can Cope With Your Grief
If your life is a story, then your past or history is the preface to the rest of your life. When you learn and remember the lessons learned through dealing with difficult circumstances, such as the loss of loved one, you are afforded an opportunity to foster beneficial changes to utilize in the continuing story of your life. This is very hard work, and it must incorporate introspective thought in which you examine all your thought to be true. Successful grieving requires a change in perspective, and this book offers 52 of them, including a specific suggestion and/or question upon which to ponder each week of the year. 

Words of Comfort To Pave Your Journey of Loss
Every mourner is afforded the opportunity on how he will view the loss of his loved one. Without negating one's loss, it's beneficial to look at loss from a variety of perspectives, for as John Lubbock said: "What we see depends mainly on what we look for." This books attempts to provide mourners with helpful suggestions that can create a move towards the positive by presenting possible change in perspective to view loss and a road map to follow that points to renewal.  

Figuring Out Life and Death: Musings, Stories & Questions About Suicide
In an essay format, this book muses and asks questions about life and death and delves more deeply into the act of suicide. It includes personal stories of survivors (the author's included) and explains how each of these people found a way to cope with the loss of their loved one. Additionally, 25 tips and thoughts are included on how a mourner can cope with grief on a personal level.

How To Mourn: Help for Those Who Grieve & the Ones Who Support Them
Has someone you know lost a loved one and you want to help him/her, but you just don't know what to say or do? This book can assist you in overcoming your uncomfortable feelings about death and give you direction on the best ways to offer support to the bereaved.

How To Thrive and NOT Just Survive
This book suggests ways to jumpstart your life so that you can move forward after experiencing a setback that gets you stuck in survival mode. Utilizing the formula explained will allow a person to develop the spiritual, emotional and mental muscles that are at the foundation of a thriving life filled with passion and purpose.

25 Inspirational Thoughts on How To Cope With Your Grief
How do you learn to cope with grief and loss? Unfortunately, there's no instruction book on how to move through grief in a successful and healthy manner. This book utilizes the wisdom of the ages by picking appropriate quotes and sayings and then provides commentary with suggestions on how a mourner can put the thoughts into action. 

Let's Get A Grasp on Grief: Understanding My Feelings Now That My Parent Has Died
For children age nine and up, this book helps them to understand some of the confusing emotions they are and will be experiencing due to the death of a parent. Moreover, it gives parents a glimpse into what a child may be thinking and feelings. Includes tips for parents on how they can help a child deal with loss. For the younger child, try Let's Get a Grip on Grief.

Thin Threads of Grief and Renewal (Co-editor)
An anthology of 11 uplifting tales written by authors who coped with great loss and went on to find personal renewal. A wonderful gift for the bereaved (can be used as a sympathy card), even months after the loss or to commemorate the anniversary of the loss. It allows friends and family members to let the bereaved know that his or her loved one is still in their thoughts.

Other Publications 

The Teen Pregnancy Prevention Guide
An easy-to-read 27 page guide that speaks to preteens/teens and their parents. It provides topics to open up communication, which is the best pregnancy prevention method around. Includes a "Guide to Contraceptives" and real-life stories of teens who found themselves pregnant.

Understanding Dementia and Caregiving for Your Aging Parents From A to Z
Caregiving takes its toll in many ways: mentally, emotionally and physically. It's important to ask for and accept help as you come to grips with this enormous task in front of you. This book is not an attempt to educate you on all the medical aspects of dementia (although they are touched on lightly). Instead, it speaks to you from the heart and a personal standpoint. It lets you know some of what to expect and the emotions and thoughts you might have in response to your loved one's deteriorating condition, and it provides suggestions to help you cope. 

A Guide To Caregiving of Aging Parents with Alzheimer's: Words of Assistance, Comfort and Inspiration
This book greatly expands upon my introductory A to Z book on this subject. It delves deeper into the subject matter and offers a fresh perspective on how to view the circumstances of your family. The words of comforting support offer concrete ways to best help you and your loved one travel the roads of caregiving with grace and understanding.