Monday, September 19, 2016

How To Figure Out Your Karmic Lesson Number

Look at all the numbers in your birth name. Determine which numbers, 1-9, are missing. If you are missing more than one, you have more than one karmic lesson. 

Remember, karmic lessons are areas in which we are currently weak, and, thus, must face and work on in this life. Check the chart below to see the applicable areas. 

Let us go back to our example of John Alan Doe.

1. According to the chart below, if you look at the numbers assigned to each of the letters of his name, you will notice that the following numbers are missing:  2, 7, and 9. 

2. This means John Alan Doe has 3 karmic lessons (2, 7, and 9). 

Here are the Karmic Lessons.

Karmic Lesson One
You need to show more initiative in your life or be more determined. Standing up for yourself will allow you to become more forceful and dynamic.

Karmic Lesson Two
You must learn to be more diplomatic, tactful, sensitive to others feelings, and learn to be part of a team. 

Karmic Lesson Three
You must learn to be kind to yourself, lighten up, have fun, and enjoy life. Learn to be less self-critical. 

Karmic Lesson Four
Confused about your life's direction, you need to create a foundation for your life to give you the stability upon which to build. Work on organizational skills, looking for answer within instead of without, and persevere (don’t give up too early). 

Karmic Lesson Five
With an innate fear of living, you need to learn to be more adventurous. Take opportunity when presented to travel and broaden your horizons. Let go of rigidity in your life and personality and go more with the flow. 

Karmic Lesson Six
With commitment issues, you need to work on showing your true emotions and living up to your responsibilities to others. This will help you in building close friendships and lasting relationships, which you may be having trouble establishing. You have a major issue with commitment and responsibility to others.

Karmic Lesson Seven
Seek knowledge and work on your own talents with determination in order to develop your abilities fully. 

Karmic Lesson Eight
Keep stubbornness and a know-it-all attitude in check to keep your business affairs on an even keel. Learn your limitations, especially concerning your handling of finances. 

Karmic Lesson Nine
Take a larger worldview; learn to be more compassionate, tolerant, and understanding. Try to put yourself in another’s shoes. Let go of some of your egocentric ambition. 

Please note: This is only one interpretation of the Karmic Lessons. Many variations on these themes are available.

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Thursday, September 8, 2016

How To Figure Out Your Personality Number and Personal Year Number


Using the letter/number equivalency chart below, add up the value of just the consonants in your name, as it appears on your birth certificate. 

Next, look at the Nine Life Path descriptions listed on the August 12, 2016 blog. For this exercise, the applicable number describes how you appear to others. It may even describe the social mask you use to protect yourself, for it is the first impression you present. 

Let us use John Alan Doe as our example again.

1. The consonants in his name are J, H, N (for John); L and N (for Alan); and D (for Doe).

2.  J=1; H=8; N=5; L=3; N=5; D=4

3.  Add up the numbers (1+8+5+3+5+4 = 26). Reduce to a single digit (2+6=8). 


Each year in the cycle from one to nine has its own spiritual significance. All the numbers are positive and encouraging, but each one speaks to a different focus or energy pattern.

Here is an example of how to figure out your personal year number. Let us assume we are in 2010, and your birthday is December 15th.

1. Add up the digits of the year (2+0+1+0= 3)

2. Reduce the number that applies to your birth month to a single digit (12 in the above example become 1+2=3) and add it to the reduced number of your birth date (15 in the above example become 1+5=6).

3. 1+2 + 1+5 = 9   
You may also figure it out this way: 12 +15 = 27 and then you reduce 27 to a single digit to get the same result (2+7=9).

4. Add the number 9 to the reduced number for 2010 (which is 3). 

5. 9 + 3 = 12    
Reduce 12 to a single digit (1 + 2 = 3)  Three is your personal year number.

6. Refer to the following chart to see what this can mean.


Here are the key phrases for each year number.

1. New Beginnings
2   Intuitive Connections and Creating Balance in Your Life 
3.   Fun/Joy/Optimism
4. Building Through a Deep Commitment and Long Term Planning
5. Change/Adventure
6. Teaching/Learning, Especially About Family Relationships
7. Introspection, Inner Work, Quiet Reflection
8. Inner Resolution and Problem Solving 
        You can regard this as a year of power & light or "A make it or break it year."
9. Wholeness/Completion, Unconditional Love, Help Others

If the year happens to add up to any of the following two-digit numbers, then the following descriptions may also be applicable (in addition to the ones above). For example, if your personal year number adds up to 13, read 4 above and 13 below).

11. Inspiration and Intuitive Connections; New Channels of Awareness
13. Rebirth and Giving Back
14. Freedom From Addiction, Fear, Guilt
16. Catalyzing Action To Help Healing Process in Life
19. Personal Scrutiny So You Can Move To A Higher Purpose
22. Great Insight and Spiritual Growth Fostering, Power and Practicality
33. Love and Helping Others

Next time: Last Lesson on How To Figure Out Your Karmic Lesson

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Monday, August 29, 2016

How To Figure Out Your Destiny and Soul Urge Numbers

Figuring Out Your Destiny Number

Write out your name exactly as it appears on your birth certificate. Refer to the letter/number equivalency chart below, which gives a value for each letter in the English language. 

Add up the letters of your name. As an example, if your birth name is John Alan Doe, this is how you would figure out your destiny number.

1. J=1; O=6; H=8; N=5;    A=1; L=3; A=1; N=5;    D=4; O=6; E=5

2. Add all the numbers together:  1+6+8+5+1+3+1+5+4+0+5 = 39

3. Reduce your answer (39) to a one digit number. For example, when you add 3+9, the answer is 12. Since this is still a two digit number, you must reduce it again (1+2). Your final number is 3.

4. Next, look at the Nine Life Path descriptions on the previous blog (August 12, 2016). Remember, this number identifies potential talents and abilities, as well as your mission in life. This number may change with the influence of name changes, for example if you change your name when you marry.

Figuring Out Your Soul Urge Number

Using the letter/number equivalency chart above, add up the value of just the vowels in your name as it appears on your birth certificate. 

Let us use the John Alan Doe example again.

1.  The vowels in this name are O (in John), A + A (in Alan), and O + E (in Doe).
2.  O=6; A=1; A=1; O=6; E=5
3.  Add the numbers together   6+1+1+6+5 = 19
4.  Reduce 19 to a one digit number. When you add 1+9, you get 10, which is not a one digit number. You must then reduce it again (1+0) to arrive at your final answer, which is one.

Look at the Nine Life Paths Chart (which includes overall characteristics of each number), which is outlined on the August 12, 2016 blog. Remember, this number describes your inner motivation or reflects the foundation of your beliefs and attitude toward life. This number also reflects what you instinctively know, although it may not be obvious to the outside world.

Next blog: How to figure out your personality number and personal year number.

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Friday, August 12, 2016

Numerology: How To Figure Out Your Life Path Number

Here's some information to keep in mind when you are figuring out anything to do with numerology.

There are eleven numbers used in constructing numerology charts: 1 through 9; 11; and 22. Larger numbers that occur from adding the numbers in the complete birth date are reduced by adding the digits together until one of these core numbers is achieved. Eleven and twenty-two are considered master numbers, so they are not reduced. Master numbers are intensified versions of the single digit they replace. For 11, it replaces 2. For 22, it replaces 4. 

Life Path Number Calculations:

Write your birth date on a piece of paper and add up the digits. As an example, if your birth date was December 15, 1983, this is how you would figure out your life path number.

1.  December, the 12th month, equals 1+2
2.  The 15th of the month equals 1+5
3.  The year 1983 equals 1+9+8+3
4.  After you add up all those numbers, your answer is 30.
5.  You then reduce 30 down to a one digit number (3+0)

        Month      Day           Year            Total
        1+2     +   1+5    +   1+9+8+3   =     30   

                              3+0        =     3

Using this number, refer to the Nine Life Path descriptions listed below (plus the two bonus master numbers).

Remember, your Life Path Number indicates the major lesson to be learned and the potential abilities and obstacles which accompany it. This number also tells what a person is really like and what he/she is naturally best suited to do. 

Again, this is just for fun so don't take it very seriously.


1. Pioneer:  known for being original; assertive; bold; charismatic; impulsive; innovative; focused; inspired; quick; achiever; stands out from crowd

A "pioneer" could be: a political leader; celebrity; small business owner

Pitfalls: arrogance; impatience; not listening; may be shy and too impulsive

2. Nurturer:  known for being cautious; relationship-oriented; artistic; nurturing; sensitive; affectionate; cooperative; loving; peace-maker; ideal partner; needs harmony, order, right relationship

A "nurturer" could be: in the diplomatic corps, a counselor, a partner in a small business

Pitfalls: codependency; overcautious; lonely

3. Communicator:  known for being a quick thinker; spontaneous; social; magnetic; gift of gab; synthesizer; deal-maker; outgoing; joy of life

A "communicator" could be: a press secretary, party planner, small business promoter

Pitfalls: fears routine; over optimistic; indulgent; may lack self-discipline

4. Doer: known for being pragmatic; systematic; planner, determined; problem-solver; builder, manager 

A "doer" could be an administrator; team player; work in a back office in small business

Pitfalls: stubbornness; workaholism; rigid; needs security so fears downsizing/unfamiliar routine

5. Disseminator:  known for being active, magnetic; outgoing, risk-taker; quick thinker; unpredictable; entrepreneurial; curious; bold; enjoys finer things

A "disseminator" could be a public figure; media; developer of ideas for small business

Pitfalls: scattered; unreliable; poor boundaries; restlessness to point of boredom; easily side-tracked

6. Teacher: known for being careful; conscientious; reliable; nurturing; service and/or community and family oriented; traditional; warm; happily domestic

A "teacher" could be a personal assistant; educator; caterer

Pitfalls: overbearing; smothering; martyrdom; may end up feeling like a doormat

7. Researcher: known for being innovative; intelligent; deep; careful; spiritual; scholarly; a loner, curious; analytical 

A "researcher" could be in the analytical field or self-employed in small business

Pitfalls: contentious; skeptical; secretive; aloof; loner; fears not living up to high standards

8. Executive: known for being business-like; conservative; powerful; analytical; big-picture thinker; pragmatic; decision-maker; accomplished; good with money

An "executive" could be in the professional field; an operator of a small business franchise

Pitfalls: domineering; cold; judgmental; lacks feeling for those who stand in the way

9. Philosopher: known for being open-minded; loves history, literature, arts; tends to have a higher education; sees big picture

A "philosopher" could be a community leader; an organizer of small business owners

Pitfalls: vagueness; talking/not doing; unmotivated

Master Numbers

11. visionary; artist; wants to expand consciousness; wants to be enlightened and enlighten others

Could be in the metaphysical small business with far reaching appeal

Pitfalls: avoids extremes; too high-strung; impractical

22. goal-oriented and practical but on a global scale; has a mission and wants to see it carried out globally

Could be a provider of web sites to small business for total global change

Pitfalls: may feel born a century too early; overextended

Next blog will tell you how to figure out your destiny number.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Just For Fun: Numerology

Disclaimer: This is just for fun, so try not to be duly influenced by the information provided.

If you are looking for love and want to do it by the "numbers", I'll be writing a series of blog posts that tell you how to figure out all sorts of stuff using the ancient art of numerology.

Numerology, which is the study of numbers and their meaning to determine their supposed influence on one’s life, future, etc., holds some validity. However, it is all in the interpretation. Moreover, these numbers are simply indicative of patterns or cycles. Every individual has the free will to create his/her life in a personal fashion and should not feel hampered by any labels assigned by these numbers.

That said – it’s still fun to look at your personal numbers! Some of the information that can be derived from numerology includes:

Life Path/Birth Path
This number will tell you the major lesson to be learned in this life and the potential abilities and obstacles which accompany it. This is considered to be the most important number, for it tells what one is like and what he/she is naturally and best suited to do. This is derived from adding up the numbers in your birth date.

This number identifies potential talents and abilities, as well as your mission in life. This number is derived from the letters in your birth name. Keep in mind that this number can change if your name changes.

Soul Urge/Heart’s Desire
This number describes your inner motivation and reflects the foundation of your beliefs and attitudes towards life. This number, which is derived from the vowels in your name, reflects what you instinctively know but which may not be obvious to the outside world.

This number describes how you appear to others – the first impression you make. On a deeper level, it could describe the social mask you use to protect yourself. This number is derived from the consonants in your name.

Karmic Lesson
This number describes your lesson to be learned in this life. It is derived by looking at what numbers are missing from your birth name. If more than one is missing, you may have more than one lesson to learn.

My next post will tell you how to figure out your Life Path number.

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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Tips and Thoughts on Relationships

Remember ... it's not only the actions you do take that matter.
What matters, too, are the ones you don't take.

Push away the drama in your life.
Love does NOT have to be a "high wire" act.
You can experience the highs of love with your feet planted firmly on the ground and in reality.
You don't need to be 100 feet up in the air,
 walking a thin wire worrying about falling into the mundane.
The mundane - or completing the sometimes boring tasks of life -
that is the place where real love blooms.

Are you a fence sitter or wallflower that's always waiting for the "right" time OR
for someone else to invite you to join in?
If you want something (or someone), be BOLD and make the first move!
You'll probably discover that most everyone is afraid of rejection,
and others will appreciate you stepping up to get the ball rolling.
Follow the advice of William Shakespeare who wrote: "Boldness, be my friend."

Even if you believe that you have a fated destiny,
you still retain your free will on how you will travel towards it.
Will you do it the hard way or the easy way?
Will you learn your lessons quickly or have to repeat a bad pattern many times
before you choose to follow a different path?

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