Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Why Mourners "Get It"

If the afterlife is merely an extension of the earthly world -- a different plain of existence -- then we never have to "lose" our loved one. We can participate in a continual conversation -- although we can only experience him or her through some of our senses.

It is as if our loved one is living out of town. We can have a telephone relationship with him/her but are never able to experience a physical touch.

We are all able to pick up this "telephone" and hear the departed speak to us -- if we would listen carefully. And, if not, a conduit or a clairaudient can become your telephone line to the spirit world.

Perhaps, spirits walk among us while they watch us scurrying in our busy lives while we ignore the important things -- when we forget to live in gratitude about what we do have rather than lament what we don't have.

Perhaps these spirits only communicate with those who are open to listening. They want to help us to "see the light" and to try to carve a little piece of heaven on earth.

Could this be an explanation of why most people who have experienced hardship or lost a loved one 'get it' and those untouched by pain and sorrow remain in the dark?

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