Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Taking The Easy Way vs Taking The Hard Way

At every juncture in life, be it small or large, man is given free will. Think of the scarecrow in The Wizard of Oz when he lets Dorothy know that she has her choice of two paths to Oz. On one path she may be met with lions, tigers and bears and on the other cheetahs, foxes and hares. On both paths she would encounter obstacles, but her ultimate goal to reach Oz would remain the same. She might also learn different lessons that would impact the rest of her life, depending on which path she chose.

There is never one course of action. One may seemingly feel better at the time, but remember better to you is not necessarily better to someone else. For example, you may end a relationship because you intuitively feel it it not right for you. The other party may be devastated with this option. As long as you give "I messages" to the other person -- that is take responsibility for the demise of the relationship rather than blame the partner -- you do not have to feel guilty about doing what is right for you. Remember -- guilt is a useless emotion that depletes our limited energy!

There are always multiple pathways to take in life. Some of those paths might be dead ends, send you in circles, or be so convoluted it takes a lot of hard work to figure out the right way to go. Listening to your inner wisdom can make choosing the right (and clear) path infinitely easier. All Dorothy needed to do was simply tap her heels three times to get home, but look what she encountered before she accepted the simple solution to her problems.

We may think if something is simple that it is not right, but the opposite is true. Simple is always better and makes our lives less complicated. Remember: Keep It Simple Stupid!

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