Monday, August 17, 2015

Five Tips on How To Date With Success

Consider the following five ideas, which can help you to date with success.

1. There are many similarities between dating and marketing. The same twelve most persuasive words apply to all forms of communication: discovery, easy, guarantee, health, caring, money, new, proven, results, safety, saving, and you! When dating, the product “for sale” is YOU! 

2. Discovery is the most fun of all in the dating process. Let yourself be fascinated by the different people with whom you can connect via Internet dating or other venues. This is a time to increase your sphere of knowledge about others and the world. 

3. Everyone likes things to be easy, and it's a bonus if it comes with a guarantee! Make uncomplicated arrangements to meet when setting up your dates. Be open to different ideas without having to agree; be emotionally honest (game free); go with the flow; and enjoy a date for what it is without grand expectations. Of course, there are no guarantees when it comes to relationships, but you can make a guarantee to yourself that you will simply enjoy the time out with a particular person – even if it is only a one-time occurrence. 

4. It is not necessary to spend a lot of money to have fun on a date. For example, prepare a picnic, take a walk, or attend a street fair. Take some time to plan an activity for a first meeting. If it involves walking, looking at or doing something concrete, you will find that there is ample fodder for conversation. Furthermore, this will probably be less nerve wracking compared to simply sitting across the table and staring into a person’s eyes. Activities can also provide a more in-depth peek into a person’s personality, for you can find out some likes and dislikes by just observing. 

5. Be mindful of another’s wallet when going on a date. It is easy to be a “cheap date” and this will probably be appreciated. No need to order the most expensive item on a menu plus an appetizer, dessert and drinks. It’s also easier to carry on a conversation, if you are not preoccupied with eating or being caught with food in your teeth!

Beauty is only skin deep.
If you go after someone just because 
she's beautiful but don't have anything to talk about, 
it's going to get boring fast. 
You want to look beyond the surface 
and see if you can have fun or 
if you have anything in common with this person.
-Amanda Peet-