Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Tips and Thoughts on Relationships

Remember ... it's not only the actions you do take that matter.
What matters, too, are the ones you don't take.

Push away the drama in your life.
Love does NOT have to be a "high wire" act.
You can experience the highs of love with your feet planted firmly on the ground and in reality.
You don't need to be 100 feet up in the air,
 walking a thin wire worrying about falling into the mundane.
The mundane - or completing the sometimes boring tasks of life -
that is the place where real love blooms.

Are you a fence sitter or wallflower that's always waiting for the "right" time OR
for someone else to invite you to join in?
If you want something (or someone), be BOLD and make the first move!
You'll probably discover that most everyone is afraid of rejection,
and others will appreciate you stepping up to get the ball rolling.
Follow the advice of William Shakespeare who wrote: "Boldness, be my friend."

Even if you believe that you have a fated destiny,
you still retain your free will on how you will travel towards it.
Will you do it the hard way or the easy way?
Will you learn your lessons quickly or have to repeat a bad pattern many times
before you choose to follow a different path?

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