Friday, December 30, 2011

Using Fantasy To Keep A Relationship Vibrant

A change of pace is always a good way to put a little zing back into your step. Accordingly, to balance the inspirational and educational postings I usually offer, I took a stab at writing the beginnings of a romance novel. Be warned, it's a little X-rated, although, I must admit, this is the toned down version!

Whether in a relationship or not, a little fantasy can keep your imagination lively! And, if you are in a relationship, you might want to forward this posting to your partner as a bit of foreplay.

So, let me know if you think I should switch careers!

Under cover of the stealth of the night she came to him.

Scant moments after passing over the threshold of his house, he slipped his tongue inside her mouth, relentlessly exploring all the dark recesses. His mouth was hot, hard and urgent. Her mind and body exploded with light and color, all the while relishing the damp and velvety-rough feel of his tongue. From deep within his throat, there came a slow and purring, yet hungry, sound.

The air was thick with desire, and their bodies were full of delicious tingling and emotions no longer able to be bound. They ate at each other’s mouths, but that soon was not enough. His hands slid down her body and with one quick movement he pulled her toward him. Grinding his body into hers, he urgently whispered, “I need you right now.”

They tore at their clothes, shedding them all as they still stood in the entryway of his house. He took her right there – hard and fast against the wall with her legs wrapped tightly around his waist. With each searing movement their desire escalated, racing toward the precipice where reason no longer exists. In unison, an absolute and phenomenal release was experienced that managed to shake their bodies as well as their hearts and souls. They continued to cling to each other as their ragged breath and the harsh beating of their hearts started to slow. But their desire did not wane and he took her hand and led her up the stairs ….

As they entered the bedroom, she noticed the mood was set for love making … scented candles flickering, music crooning, and a soft, lilting breeze blowing in from the open window.

He first led her to the shower where they could renew their bodies from the frantic and hurried coupling that had taken place. He tested the water, making sure it was the perfect temperature before allowing it to touch his beloved’s delicate skin. She joined him, and this shower together became a dance of love.

Lips quenched their thirst from the rivulets pouring off their bodies. Soapy hands stroked throbbing flesh while uninhibitedly exploring and giving delight to each other.

She massaged his head and neck and then continued down as she ran her hands sensuously over his entire body. The exquisiteness of the tension exploded in her hands as she soapily milked him dry. The water had long turned tepid, but the fervor still ran hot.

Stepping out of the shower on weakened legs, she toweled him dry, all the while dripping herself. The cool breeze made her nipples stand at attention, and he leaned in to suckle on her breast. He fanned the flames of desire within her once again and she moaned with delight. He swooped her off her feet and carried her to his bed …

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