Friday, December 2, 2011

Finding Love After Loss: Creating Magic In Your Life


Wouldn’t it be nice if we each had our own magic wand to wave over our lives and “PRESTO!” our every desire would be fulfilled?

Life doesn’t exactly work that way, but we do have the ability to create magic in our lives every day by adopting a positive attitude and changing our perspective so we can see the lighter side of negatively perceived circumstances.

As a Grief and Relationship Coach, I see my job as sort of a magician, as I work with you so you can come to see the same circumstances through different eyes. A sleight of hand trick, if you will!

It’s my desire to help you make that shift in order to move forward and find your “happily right now.”

In order to get you in a magical state of mind, I’ve created a short video that includes some magic: Durer’s Magic Square.

Please enjoy it and take advantage of my offer at the end!

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