Friday, December 16, 2011

Finding Love After Loss: Should You Admit Your Real Age on a Dating Profile?

As a society, we are confronted with endless images of airbrushed perfection in magazines, on TV and at the movies. Consequently, it's easy to forget that real people do age.

Not everyone races for Botox and hair dye at the first sign of a few wrinkles and gray hair. In fact, many prefer to embrace the passage of time and are proud that their bodies tell the story of their life ... wrinkles and all.

I'm not saying that you shouldn't always try to look your best, especially when entering the dating arena ... only try not to become obsessed with age, both yours and the ages of your prospective dates.

That said, do you believe that everyone lies – or at least fudges a little bit – on an Internet dating profile? And so, do you ask yourself, "What's the harm in shaving a few years or a few pounds off my profile?"

It's easy to get caught in this trap because you, of course, want to make yourself the most attractive to the most amount of prospective dates. However, just because other people are doing something wrong, does that make it morally okay for you to do it too?

Lying is lying, and there's no getting around it. I think it is always important to tell your real age, height and weight, as well as be honest about your internal characteristics. Posting a current picture that is an accurate representation of how you look is also imperative. After all, if you intend on meeting your prospective dates, you certainly don't want to start with a lie. There's nowhere to go from there except down!

So, the basic rule is tell the truth! Of course, when there are rules, people look for exceptions to them.

Let's say you have just turned 50 and that puts you into a older age category on the Internet dating sites. Young at heart, you are more comfortable with the visibility of the 40-49 age group and wish to remain in that category. 

What are you options and how do you work around this age thing? 

Watch the following video where I offer some suggestions and, perhaps, a change in perspective for you.

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