Friday, January 13, 2012

Finding Love After Loss: Are You Stuck?

You’ve decided that you are ready to step into the world of dating and have tentatively dipped your toes in the water. You’re not having much luck, though. In fact, you feel kind of stuck and can’t seem to gain any momentum.

Let’s look at some areas which might be hampering your success and see how you can make some changes in your approach.

During your lifetime, you have probably spent a lot of time looking for a new job, a new home, or the right schools for your children. Isn’t a relationship just as important, and are you affording yourself the same time to look for one? 

Dating that will eventually result in finding a new partner is a process that requires time and focus. Your result has a direct correlation to the effort you expend. So, if you want a haphazard result, go about dating in a haphazard manner. Conversely, if you want a terrific result then devote enough time to getting out into the social scene, meeting new people and eventually dating one-on-one. 

Even if you are a very busy person, if you deem dating and relationship development important then you will find the time to partake in the right types of activities to reach your goal.

Every item in the universe is comprised of energy – of positive and negative charges in constant motion. Your spirit is comprised of energy as well, and your body is the “life support” system for the energy of this spirit. In order to realize your own power, you must examine how you exchange energy with those who surround you. 

In this world of energy, the universe is simply a giant mirror that reflects back whatever you project out to it. Consequently, if you are not receiving positive energy from others or you are confronting difficult situations, examine what you are projecting out.

You need to be the person you want to meet. Also, remember that if you smile at the world, it will smile back at you!

At a social function, are you a wallflower who languishes in the background simply hoping someone comes by to talk to you? Who said you have to wait for someone else to make the first move? Moreover, if everyone is waiting for someone else to start the conversation, there isn’t going to be a whole lot of talking going on! So, take action, and just start talking. You can apply this principle in a coffee shop, the grocery store, or wherever your travels take you. 

To get unstuck, adjust your attitude in the preceding three areas: Energy + Action + Time. 

As a reminder to be vigilant in these three areas, remember the first letter of each word: E+A+T. 

Think: what do you do when you are hungry? You EAT, of course. 

Now, you can also have a big appetite for success, power, love, etc. 

So if you are "hungry" for love, then use your Energy and Time appropriately in all your Actions to reap the greatest benefit and to find the partner you seek.

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