Monday, January 31, 2011

Finding Love After Loss: Be S.M.A.R.T. in Your Approach


S.M.A.R.T. is another acronym to remind you about how to have a successful dating experience.

Remember the title to my newest book, In Order To Be Terrific, You Need To Be Specific! Define your goals, make a plan and then put your plan into action. 

Don't be so quick to write off dates after one encounter. As long as it isn't a definite NO, if you can't say YES, at least say MAYBE. Due to nervousness, shyness, or simply being inept at the dating process, a person may not be able to show you who he/she really is. Time is everyone's friend and all truths can come to light. Moreover, remember these are mostly strangers you are meeting (if dating via Internet). It is sometimes difficult to gauge someone's sense of humor, etc. from one meeting.

There's someone for everyone, but you must be realistic when writing your "wish list." If you a 60-year old man who is not in the best of shape, you may be narrowing your chances of success if you only want to date 23-year old beach bunnies. Without overly restricting yourself, draw the picture of your "dream mate" with attainable attributes.

When preparing for a date, read the latest books, magazines, newspaper, etc. so you will have plenty of fodder for chit-chat.

Be prompt when meeting your date. Return e-mails or phone calls in a timely manner. This is a show of respect and common courtesy. Be the person you want to meet!

Just five SMART tips to keep in mind!

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