Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Are You Surviving or Thriving?

Loss comes in all shapes and sizes from minor disappointments to devastation. Although it is easy to recognize a major loss, minor events can build up over time, too, without proper acknowledgement and the necessary mourning. This can lead to disillusionment or create a never-ending downward spiral. Thus, loss of EVERY kind must be mourned in a healthy way in order to move forward in one's life. 

At the inception of grief, there is simply a scrambling to survive the difficult days ahead. As more grief work is completed, one looks to THRIVE in his/her life rather than merely SURVIVE by going through the motions without the emotions. 

What is required to learn how to thrive?  
Well, the first thing you need to do is make a conscious decision that you want to move forward in your life and discover a renewed outlook. You also have to realize and accept that this is very hard work!

Grief is a journey of introspection which allows you to discover the depths of your soul and the "stuff" of which you are made. When you emerge from this dark place and are able to let the light into your life again, you will no longer take anything for granted. In this way, the journey of grief can be very empowering and enlightening.

While mourning, the bereaved tend to retreat inward. Perhaps afraid of more loss, they might erect a protective barrier around their heart and other areas of their life. For some, this barrier could come in the form of weight gain. For others, weight gain could result from using food for comfort. Whichever the case, when they are ready to re-enter the world, a lack of confidence in their appearance can be problematic.

As a Grief and Relationship Coach, one of the issues on which I work with clients is how they feel about themselves -- both on the inside and the outside. What I have discovered is that if one feels good about his/her outside, this often boosts confidence and helps one to feel good on the inside too. In truth, you really can't separate this mind/body wellness connection for how you feel physically has an impact upon how you feel mentally, spiritually and emotionally.

We each have our own threshold with what we can cope at one time, for example it may be especially difficult to concentrate when one is in physical pain or it may be difficult to feel confident when not satisfied with one's physical appearance. Moreover, it's not all about looks either! Medical research indicates that extra weight leads to lethargy (physical and mental) as well as much more dangerous complications such as high blood pressure, heart problems and diabetes, to name a few.

In my coaching practice, I help clients to make the mind/body wellness connection in order to realize their goals. With the appropriate tools at hand that allow me to assist a client in honing his/her perspective, I have searched long and hard for a product that can help with building confidence about one's physical being. Just recently, I was introduced to some terrific products and have been testing them on myself for the last month to make sure their claims were valid. Not only were they valid, but the results I've experienced are fantastic!

This has led me to incorporate a new venture into my coaching practice, and I hope you will take a look and "like" my new Facebook fan page. On this page, I will also be offering tips and thoughts about confidence and the mind/body wellness connection.

If you will indulge me for a moment, here's a little bit about the products I will be representing. The company is appropriately named "It Works!" because the products really do work!! Although there is an extensive product line, I am concentrating on the body and facial wraps and two of their creams (Defining Gel and Stretch Mark & Anti-Aging Cream [good for brown spots  and scars]), for those are the ones I have tried and can recommend in good faith.
If you go to my Facebook site or my "It Works!" website, you can find out more information. I'd appreciate it if you could like my new Facebook page as it is lonely with no fans! After becoming a fan, please request your free e-book, Are You Surviving or Thriving?
The premier product of "It Works!" is the "Ultimate Body Applicator." It is a wrap that you can apply to the body part of your choice. These wraps are NOT for water loss, so the weight/inches do not come back with your first sip of water. They actually take inches off by completing a gentle detox. Through a proprietary formula, these wraps (or applicators) eliminate toxins through the excretory system. The results are progressive as the wraps continue to work for 72 hours after their removal. They also tighten, tone and firm the skin. 

This is not a product you need to use forever. You use it until you reach your desired results and then can do maintenance once a month or as needed. I must admit though, I''m a little bit "addicted" to my favorite product, the Defining Gel, also referred to as "a wrap in a bottle." By using it 2 times/day, you can extend the time between wrap applications and save time and money. I've been applying it to my face, neck, abdomen and thighs. I've seen the most results around my abdomen area. In one month's time, I've lost over 3 inches and 4.5 pounds, and I'm not even dieting! It's not a face lift, but my face and neck are also tightening up. I have a small presentation with before and after pictures that I can e-mail you. Reach me at ellengerst@gmail.com.

I am so in love with these products that as a Special Bonus I am offering free copies of Love After Loss: Writing The Rest of Your Story and If You Want To Be Terrific, You Need To Be Specific! to anyone who orders product from my site. You just need to send me an e-mail at ellengerst@gmail.com letting me know you made a purchase and I'll send you the books.

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