Monday, September 19, 2016

How To Figure Out Your Karmic Lesson Number

Look at all the numbers in your birth name. Determine which numbers, 1-9, are missing. If you are missing more than one, you have more than one karmic lesson. 

Remember, karmic lessons are areas in which we are currently weak, and, thus, must face and work on in this life. Check the chart below to see the applicable areas. 

Let us go back to our example of John Alan Doe.

1. According to the chart below, if you look at the numbers assigned to each of the letters of his name, you will notice that the following numbers are missing:  2, 7, and 9. 

2. This means John Alan Doe has 3 karmic lessons (2, 7, and 9). 

Here are the Karmic Lessons.

Karmic Lesson One
You need to show more initiative in your life or be more determined. Standing up for yourself will allow you to become more forceful and dynamic.

Karmic Lesson Two
You must learn to be more diplomatic, tactful, sensitive to others feelings, and learn to be part of a team. 

Karmic Lesson Three
You must learn to be kind to yourself, lighten up, have fun, and enjoy life. Learn to be less self-critical. 

Karmic Lesson Four
Confused about your life's direction, you need to create a foundation for your life to give you the stability upon which to build. Work on organizational skills, looking for answer within instead of without, and persevere (don’t give up too early). 

Karmic Lesson Five
With an innate fear of living, you need to learn to be more adventurous. Take opportunity when presented to travel and broaden your horizons. Let go of rigidity in your life and personality and go more with the flow. 

Karmic Lesson Six
With commitment issues, you need to work on showing your true emotions and living up to your responsibilities to others. This will help you in building close friendships and lasting relationships, which you may be having trouble establishing. You have a major issue with commitment and responsibility to others.

Karmic Lesson Seven
Seek knowledge and work on your own talents with determination in order to develop your abilities fully. 

Karmic Lesson Eight
Keep stubbornness and a know-it-all attitude in check to keep your business affairs on an even keel. Learn your limitations, especially concerning your handling of finances. 

Karmic Lesson Nine
Take a larger worldview; learn to be more compassionate, tolerant, and understanding. Try to put yourself in another’s shoes. Let go of some of your egocentric ambition. 

Please note: This is only one interpretation of the Karmic Lessons. Many variations on these themes are available.

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