Friday, May 6, 2011

Making Social Connections: A Simple Conversation Starter

Some of you may recall that about two months ago I told you of a simple way to start up a conversation with total strangers. Two words: Hair Shimmer!

At the end of February, I attended a jewelry show. There was a vendor there that offered to apply a Hair Shimmer to my hair. A Hair Shimmer is a very thin piece of silk (or sometimes polyester). It comes in various colors, and one Shimmer is tied to one piece of hair at the root.

It took a little convincing for me to agree because I thought it would look foolish on someone in her mid-fifties. So, I grudgingly let her apply one. Ten minutes later, she finds me and says, “You look very uneven. Please let me apply one more to the other side of your head.” With a little roll of my eyes, I let her do so.

It wasn’t until I returned home and looked in the mirror that I saw how they looked … and I decided that it looked pretty cool! The Shimmer that was applied matched my hair, so it was very subtle and looked just like a highlight. As icing on the cake, my husband loved the way they looked, too!

In the next couple of weeks, everywhere I went, perfect strangers would come up to me and ask me about the shiny colors in my hair. It was as if the Shimmers were a magnet drawing conversations to me (and I only had two in at the time). “Well, I thought, “This is fun. I’m meeting lots of nice people. I am going to have some more of these applied!”

I have had them in for about 8 weeks now; they have lasted through two colorings, flat ironing, blow drying, etc. and they still look exactly the same. Amazingly, they do not come out until you lose the piece of hair to which it is tied.

So, what is my point? The simple act of applying Hair Shimmers opened up an opportunity for me to connect with others, and I didn’t even have to exert any energy for it to happen. People look at my hair with curiosity and want to know what it is that is making it sparkle. They are delighted when I tell them and we both get to smile. It can be as simple as that to make new social connections.

The overwhelming response I get from people has been, “Ooh, I want them too!” And, of course, I aim to please! Consequently, I’ve decided to sell the product on line at and I’ve also started a new Facebook fan page for the productPlease visit me at both.

I have posted examples of various hair colors and styles with Shimmers applied. On my website, there is a video and written instructions on how to attach them to your hair.  You can see in the picture to the left that the look can be very subtle. Notice the sparkle in my bangs and on the right side as you view the picture. I have a total of 8-10 in my hair. The picture below shows the side view more up close and personal.

This is a cool, inexpensive, non-chemical way to highlight your hair, make yourself feel good, and connect with others. If you apply them, just watch -- people will be looking at you and, if they don’t ask you about them, simply say, “Do you like the sparkly things in my hair?” I promise that they will say, “Yes, I was looking at that and wasn’t sure what it was and wanted to ask you!” Then it is up to you to continue the conversation!

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