Friday, May 27, 2011

Is He/She Into You?

How do you tell if a relationship is right or right now?

We all emit both verbal and non-verbal clues to let a date know whether we are interested in pursuing a relationship and taking it to a more serious level. Moreover, some of these clues take the form of conscious actions and others are subconsciously realized due to denied fears we may harbor.

Here are seven tip-offs that can tell you if a relationship is heading towards being a "keeper."

1. There is a genuine interest in getting to know each other. When conversing, each of you lean into the other.

2. You notice the little things about each other, for example, a new haircut, a new outfit -- and you are not shy about offering a compliment because it is your goal to have a partner feel good about him/herself (and to know that you cared enough to notice!).

3. Each of you look for ways to please the other as well as letting him/her know that he/she is in your thoughts. Some examples of the ways this can show up include, a midday text that simply says, "Thinking about you!"; planning a date that you know the other would enjoy (even if it is not your favorite); sending a thoughtful greeting card that expresses your feelings; and showing up with flowers/small gift for no reason.

4. You each make yourself available to the other. Spending time with each other is a priority. There is no game playing; you do not believe that acting coy or less available will enhance the relationship.

5. You are each courteous to the other. A man can be chivalrous and the woman can accept this type of behavior with graciousness. Women -- we know you can open the door yourself, but it's nice when the man does it for you!

6. You each want your circle of friends and family to meet the new person in your life. You are proud to introduce him/her rather than keeping the relationship secret.

7. You are each emotionally honest and feel comfortable pulling aside the veils of ego to reveal your true self.

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