Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Glue That Binds

Is there a special "glue" that holds a relationship together? And, if there is, where can we buy it!?

Scientifically speaking, one type of glue is known as chemical curing which involves creating a chemical reaction and sometimes includes an additional ingredient such as a hardener. There are also different types of glue for various substances; for example, there is a glue that works best on wood, on plastic, on fabric, etc.

So, when two people meet and they feel that special chemistry with each other, does this reaction instantly glue them together forever? What happens if it is the wrong type of glue? It might stick for a while, but it will eventually lose its stickiness and the "pieces" will fall away from each other. There could also be a bad chemical reaction, and sparks may fly because of friction or being rubbed the wrong way.

In truth, the special ingredient to make "glue" especially sticky is to be nice to one another. It might seem benign, but 'nice' covers a big territory: respect, courtesy, caring, putting another's feelings ahead of one's own, honesty and honor ... to name just a few. 

Of course, physical attraction comes into play, but as you get to know and love your partner more, he/she becomes more beautiful in your eyes. That's one reason why it is said that love is blind! If physical attraction (or lustful chemistry) is the only 'glue' used to hold a relationship together, there is a good chance that it will tarnish and separate over time. 

Over time, all relationships experience ups and downs and may get bruised and battered in the process. To keep a relationship healthy and vibrant it needs constant attention, and additional 'glue' must be added to patch up both minor and major mishaps.

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