Wednesday, December 15, 2010

How To P.I.C.K. A Romantic Partner

As we grow each day, we evolve into better versions of ourselves. Keep the best of the "old you" and combine it with new talents, thoughts and ideas. 

Personally, I can't let go of that high school English teacher inside of me. Therefore, I need to give you a mnemonic device to help you remember four terrific characteristics that are desirable in a potential partner.

Use this criteria to help you P.I.C.K. a mate.

This is someone who is enthusiastic about life. He/she looks at the sunny side and sees obstacles as opportunities. He/she wants what he/she has at the moment and lives in gratitude about it.

This person adheres to a moral code, which is one that meshes with yours.

This person acts with steady continuity. His actions and words are always the same.

This is a kind, compassionate, sympathetic person who shows concern for his/her fellow man and the world at large.

Although these are not the only qualities for which to be on the lookout, they certainly are a good foundation upon which to build. 


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