Friday, March 23, 2012

The Importance of Follow-Up When Dating

I have previously made the connection between marketing and dating because they are both utilize communication skills to get what you want. In the case of marketing, it’s a sale. In the case of dating, each party is pitching themselves to the other.

In truth, the twelve most persuasive words apply to all forms of communication: discovery, easy, guaranty, health, caring, money, new, proven, results, safety, savings and you! If you want to read the entire special report I’ve written on this subject, it’s available as a free download via my website. Once on the page, just scroll down the left hand column to find it.

If you are in business and you’ve made a sales call, or even if you have been to a networking event, what is a productive way to ensure a successful conclusion to your meeting? 

In one word: follow up.

It’s so simple, yet most people don’t do this. And why is that? There are usually excuses offered.

Let’s look at some of them and see how this applies to both marketing and dating.

Your plate is overloaded and you’re spreading yourself too thin. By the time you return sales calls, your potential clients have forgotten who you are or found someone more responsive to their needs.

Your calendar is booked, so you seemingly don’t have any time to date. Ask yourself if you are busily filling up your time so you have an excuse not to date. If you were really interested in dating and/or a special someone, you would organize your time to make room for this activity/person.

You find yourself at a lack for words or feel uncomfortable in these types of situations. You let your nervousness override your innate competency to complete your job.

If you have been out of the dating arena for quite some time, you may be experiencing dating jitters. That’s normal! Use your nervous excitement by channeling it to project a n upbeat, positive and smiling demeanor. You can also preempt nervousness by preparing a mental list of back-up discussion ideas, if conversation starts to lag. Moreover, be interested in what your date has to say and simply play off the topic he/she is discussing. Soon the nervousness will dissipate.

Lack of confidence. You are afraid to ask for the sale. You may think you’re not good enough or who would want your product and/or services. Consequently, you do nothing. You can't get what you want unless you ask for it!

You may be listening to that little voice in your head that tells you that you’re not enough. Well, you are! If you are interested in someone, let him/her know in subtle ways that further contact would be welcomed. No one likes to be rejected and many want to know that they will not be before they ask for a second date. Accordingly, follow-up with a thank you call or e-mail and let your date know that he/she will receive a resounding yes.

You want to follow up and get the sale but you don’t want to feel like you're being too pushy or sales-like. Instead, you act wishy-washy and your client doesn't understand your mixed message. If there's no message, there will be no sale.

No one is a mind reader, and you know what happens when you ASS-U-ME! Also, at the end of a date, don’t ask for a phone number or say you will call when you have no intention of doing so. This mixed message only creates hurt feelings. If you want to "mix it up" simply strike a balance between being overly enthusiastic and too aloof.

You’re not sure of the importance of follow-up. Your mindset might be that it hasn’t worked before so why should I do it now. In order to be terrific, you need to be specific! Before you do any follow-up, be clear in the result you wish to accomplish.

Be clear in your intentions so you can telegraph them properly. In order to accomplish this feat, you have to be sure of what you want and the type of person that would suit you best. Take the time to get to know the “new you” before you search for a new partner.

In general, follow-up allows the momentum of an interaction to continue. In both personal and professional venues, you want to “strike” while your image remains fresh in the consciousness of your prospective client or date. In this busy world of ours, and with the vast number of people with whom we come in contact, it takes repeated contact to make a lasting impression. Follow-up is one way to establish yourself as memorable, and that’s a first step to success.

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