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A Tool To Help You Meet People

Adding strands of Hair Shimmers to your hair is a surefire way to literally "lighten up" both your hair and your life! They are for everyone, young and old, and they can add a little zip to your look! Moreover, I believe they can especially be helpful for those who are lacking confidence or who are shy when interacting in new social situations.   

Read about how the simple act of applying Hair Shimmers can help you to make new social connections here. 

Here is a little bit about Hair Shimmering ...
As you walk through the market place in Thailand, you will find street vendors offering to tie thin, glimmering strands of silk in a rainbow of colors to strands of your hair. 

Now you can buy Hair Shimmers and, either, tie them in yourself or have your hair stylist do so. With minimal instruction and a little practice, you can become an expert too!

When you choose a complementary color to your hair, the shimmers add a subtle and glittering highlight. Choose a bolder color to let the rebel in you out! The strands are thin so each gives off just a hint of color as it sparkles and glimmers in your hair. Shimmers are for all types of hair  -- long, short, straight, wavy or curly AND for people of all ages!

Each package contains 100 strands and most people tie between 2 and 10 in their hair. You can mix and match colors for a great look. As a redhead, I use mocha, copper, gold and light pastel. 

Once you try them, you will be hooked on Shimmers! 

You can purchase your Hair Shimmers by clicking on Lighten Up and Smile and then, once there, on the "Choose Your Color" button at the top of the page. 

As an added bonus, read and watch a video about how Hair Shimmers make a terrific fundraiser. Learn how you can buy a package of 100 strands for $20, watch the videos on my website, and charge $2/strand to apply, netting you a profit of $180 and lots of fun!